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CD1, MD1 wire rope Electric Hoists

KC CD 1 MD 1 electric hoist cd1 md1 wire rope electric hoists cd1 md1 wire rope electric hoists

Specifications of CD1,MD1 steel-wire electric hoist

Hoist Capacity (Tons): 0.5, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20
Hoisting Height (Meters): 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30
Lifting Speed (Meters/Minutes): 8
Traversing/Travel Speed(Meters/Minutes): 20

Item Number: CD 1-6D, CD 1-9D,CD 1-12D,CD 1-18D,CD 1-24D,CD 1-30D,CD 2-6D,CD 2-9D,CD 2-12D,CD 2-18D,CD 2-24D,CD 2-30D,CD 3-6D,CD 3-9D ,CD 3-12D,CD 3-18D,CD 3-24D,CD 3-30D,CD 5-6D,CD 5-9D,CD 5-12D,CD 5-18D,CD 5-24D,CD 5-30D,CD 10-9D,CD 10-12D,CD 10-18D,CD 10-24D,CD 10-30D

For example, CD 2-6D is meaning: Capacity is 2 ton, and hoisting height is 6 meters.

Description of CD1,MD1 steel-wire rope electric hoist

CD1, MD1 steel-wire rope Electric Hoistsare used for lifting equipments and electric/handling applications and equipment.

CD1,MD1 model wire rope electric hoist is a kind of light type lifting equipment. It could be installed on single girder crane with hoist, overhead,gantry and jib crane. Modified could be used as a winch. So it is a commonly used lifting equipment in factory, mine, port, warehouse, cargo yard, shop etc, is a nessesary equipment to improve working efficiency and labor conditions. When working at slow speed, it could satisfy precise loading and unloading, sand box moulding, machine tool inspection and other precise working requirements. So the use (1) CD 1,MD 1 model wire rope electric hoist is equiped with compact structure, convenient adjustment, small volumn, light weight, heavy gravity, easy operation etc.
So they are widely used to lift heavy objects,or installed on the straight or curve I-steel beam of Single-girder Cranes,electric Hoist Double-girder,gantry crane and slewing cranes,industrial and mine enterprises,railway,wharfs and warehouses. (2) CD1,MD1 model wire rope electric hoists have long-life and high mechanical efficiency. Conic rotor brake motors have safety limiter in both up and down directions. (3) CD1 wire rope electric hoist have only 1 speed: common speed
MD1 type electric hoists have 2 speeds: common speed and slow speed which make it lift steadily and accurately,
MD 1 model wire rope electric hoist could meet precise working requirement:
satisfy precise loading and unloading, sand box moulding, machine tool inspection,etc.
So MD1 electric hoist would be of much wider usage than CD1 hoist.

Packing Details of CD1 wire electric hoist

CD 1-6D : carton size: 104x35x45cm, Weight: 145kg
CD 1-9D : carton size: 104x35x45cm, Weight: 158kg
CD 1-12D: carton size: 104x35x45cm, Weight: 180kg
CD 1-18D: carton size: 104x35x45cm, Weight: 195kg
CD 1-24D: carton size: 104x35x45cm, Weight: 208kg
CD 1-30D: carton size: 104x35x45cm, Weight: 222kg

CD 2-6D : carton size: 113x43x48cm, Weight: 235kg
CD 2-9D : carton size: 113x43x48cm, Weight: 248kg
CD 2-12D: carton size: 113x43x48cm, Weight: 296kg
CD 2-18D: carton size: 113x43x48cm, Weight: 320kg
CD 2-24D: carton size: 113x43x48cm, Weight: 340kg
CD 2-30D: carton size: 113x43x48cm, Weight: 365kg

CD 3-6D : carton size: 123x46x51cm, Weight: 280kg
CD 3-9D : carton size: 123x46x51cm, Weight: 300kg
CD 3-12D: carton size: 123x46x51cm, Weight: 350kg
CD 3-18D: carton size: 123x46x51cm, Weight: 380kg
CD 3-24D: carton size: 123x46x51cm, Weight: 405kg
CD 3-30D: carton size: 123x46x51cm, Weight: 435kg

CD 5-6D : carton size: 140x51x60cm, Weight: 445kg
CD 5-9D : carton size: 140x51x60cm, Weight: 470kg
CD 5-12D: carton size: 140x51x60cm, Weight: 555kg
CD 5-18D: carton size: 140x51x60cm, Weight: 590kg
CD 5-24D: carton size: 140x51x60cm, Weight: 630kg
CD 5-30D: carton size: 140x51x60cm, Weight: 670kg

CD 10-9D : carton size: 160x72x72cm, Weight: 1010kg
CD 10-12D : carton size: 160x72x72cm, Weight: 1063kg
CD 10-18D: carton size: 160x72x72cm, Weight: 1166kg
CD 10-24D: carton size: 160x72x72cm, Weight: 1263kg
CD 10-30D: carton size: 160x72x72cm, Weight: 1317kg
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