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DHK,,DHY,DHP,DHS endless Chain Hoists/Blocks

DHK electric hoist specifications of DHK electric hoist

Specifications of DHK endless Chain Hoists, China Blocks

Rated Voltage: 380V
Power: 0.5kw, 0,8kw, 1,1kw, 1,5kw, 1.8kw
Hoist Capacity (Tons): 1, 2, 3, 5, 10..

Description for DHK endless Chain Hoists, China Blocks

DHK endless China Blocks are kind of new lifting equipment which adopt Germany techniques.
The DHK chain hoist is suitable for loading and unloading, widely used in factory, mine industry,wharf,stores and warehouse for lifting and moving functions. It has the advantages of both the chain hoist and the electric hoist.

DHS Chain Hoists

DHS endless Chain Electric Hoist

DHY, DHYP China Blocks

DHY,DHP endless Chain Electric Hoist

DEMAG DH Hoists,DEMAG DH wire rope hoists

Ningbo electric is the manufacturer and of DHY,DHP endless Chain Electric Hoist,DEMAG DH wire rope hoists in China.
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