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TGM30 "Phase+Neutral" Circuit Breaker

TGM30 Phase-Neutral Circuit Breakers
1. Current rating: 1,2,3,4,6,10,16,20,25,32A at 30
2. Voltage rating: 220.240V AC
3. Breaking capacity: to EN 60.898:4500
4. Number of operating cycles (O-C): 20000
5. Tripping characteristics:
B curve: the magnetic release operate between 3 and 5 In,
C curve: the magnetic release operate between 5 and 10 In,

The product is applicable to protect line conductor and overload, and short-circuit of small sealed motors, it is mainly used for protection of circuits with AC 220Vand 50Hz/60Hz,and for unfrequented conversion under the normal condition as well. Its action can be up to two pole with one pole volume and be used as a leakage breaker by assembling with leakage. It is produced as per EN60.898, IEC898-87,IEC947-2 standard.

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