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Electric Connector, Multi Pin Power Connectors, IP67 Industrial Plugs, Air Plug

Electrical connector

Electrical connectors are the conductive devices for joining electrical circuits together. The connection may be temporary, as for portable equipment, or may require a tool for assembly and removal, or may be a permanent electrical joint between two wires or devices. There are hundreds of types of electrical connectors. In computing, an electrical connector can also be known as a physical interface (compare Physical Layer in OSI model of networking). Connectors may join two lengths of flexible wire or cable, or may connect a wire or cable to electrical terminal.

Types of electrical connector

A terminal is a simple type of electrical connector that connects two or more wires to a single connection point. Wire nuts are another type of single point connector.

Terminal blocks, Blade connector

terminal block Blade connector is a type of single wire connection using a flat blade which is inserted into a blade receptacle. Usually both blade connector and blade receptacle have wires attached to them either through soldering of the wire to the blade or crimping of the blade to the wire. In some cases the blade is a manufactured part of a component (such as a switch or a speaker unit) and a blade receptacle is pushed onto the blade to form a connection.

SB 2 poles Power Connectors: Storage Battery Charge

sb power connectors SB (Storage Battery) connector design to provide high power handling and durability.
The SB 2-pole powerpole connector, battery connectorsis available in 50, 120, 175, and 350 amp ratings per pole for use to 600 volts continuous AC or DC operation. Contacts are available individually for a wide range of wires.
Three currents: 50amp, 175amp, 350amp connectors.

Industrial Industrial Plug and socket connectors

industrial connectors

Industrial Plug and socket connectors are usually made up of a male plug and a female socket, although hermaphroditic connectors exist, such as the original IBM token ring LAN connector. Plugs generally have one or more pins or prongs that are inserted into openings in the mating socket. The connection between the mating metal parts must be sufficiently tight to make a good electrical connection and complete the circuit.

For examples, IP67 waterproof plugs, etc.

Circular Connector

 Thread Coupling Connector

Circular cononectors:
Thread Coupling Connector,
Bayonet Coupling Connector,
Sevo Motor Connector

heavy duty rectangular connecto

 Heavy-duty Connector

heavy duty connectors (HDC) are used for secure, simple and time-saving installation of machines and panels. Their housings offer excellent protection in dusty and wet environments.

sealed connector

Sealed Solder Connector

Content: The product is designed to standard IEC/EN61984 & 60529 and tested to IEC/EN60512. Protection degree is IP67. It approved to the national patents, certification of CE, China Compulsory Certificate and passed the RoHS test by SGS.

push pull connector

Push-pull Connector

Push pull connector is designed to standard IEC/EN61984 and tested to IEC/EN60512. It is approved to certification of CE, China Compulsory Certificate and passed the RoHS test by SGS. It is applied to the circuits of various instruments and electrical

detective machine connector

Detective Machine Connector

YT series connector is specialized in connection of electrical power and control circuit for electrical equipment and especially used in flaw detector and environmental protection equipment

oil connector

Oil Connectors

Railway Power Connector

railway power connector Power connector KC20, a new-type railway power connector of large capacity with domestic advanced level, is the patented product developed by our company which has passed the appraisal of Ministry of Railway and has been approved to adopt. Its basic structure and technology have been approved as national patent by national patent bureau.

USB connectors

The Universal Serial Bus --USB Connectors is a serial bus standard to interface devices, founded in 1996. It is currently widely used among PCs, Apple Macintosh and many other devices. There are several types of USB connectors, and some have been added as the specification has progressed. The most commonly used is the (male) series "A" plug on peripherals, when the cable is fixed to the peripheral. If there is no cable fixed to the peripheral, the peripheral always needs to have a USB "B" socket. In this case a USB "A" plug to a USB "B" plug cable would be needed. USB "A" sockets are always used on the host PC and the USB "B" sockets on the peripherals. It is a 4-pin connector, surrounded by a shield. There are several other connectors in use, the mini-A, mini- B and mini-AB plug and socket (added in the On-The-Go Supplement to the USB 2.0 Specification).

RF Connectors: Radio frequency connectors

Connectors used at radio frequencies must not change the impedance of the transmission line of which they are part, otherwise signal reflection and losses will result. A radio-frequency connector must not allow external signals into the circuit, and must prevent leakage of energy out of the circuit. At lower radio frequencies simple connectors can be used with success, but as the radio frequency increases, transmission line effects become more important, with small impedence variations from connectors causing the signal to reflect from the connector, rather than to pass through. At UHF and above, silver-plating of connectors is common to reduce losses.

For Wi-Fi antennas the R-TNC connectors are used. A BNC connector is common for radio and test equipment used up to about 1 GHz.

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