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Pendant Stations, P03,Italy GG

configuration of Pendant Stations

P03 Pendant Station 1 NO for movement (FEM 9.941)
1 NC for emergency stop (EN418)
1 NO + 1 No for doulbe speed

P03 Pendant Control Pushbutton Stations

  • for 1kw single phase/double phase motor control,overhead crane,electric hoist chain
  • Emergency Stop 30mm turn to release
  • double insulated ABS enclosures
  • Protection Rating: according to IEC/EN 60529
  • Ambient temperature: operating: -25 degree + 70 degree
  • Cable entry with M25 cable clamp
  • Rated Insulation Voltage: Ui 690V
  • Rated thermal current 1th: 16A
  • Rated Operating power: 400V ac 1-KW

  • Description of P03 control station

    CONTROL STATION, 2 Movement buttons + Emergency E.STOP
    Ways/No. of:2
    Capacity, switching:16A


    Interchangable with GIOVENZANA INTERNATIONAL B.V. , G G
    The pendant station is a control device for all industrial machinery. It operates as an auxiliary controller through a power interface for lifting motors of cranes, hoists and travelling bridge cranes through the use of a contactor or PLC. Designed for heavy duty,we are aiming specifically for the industrial market.
    We has control-boards ranging from 2 up to 12 push-buttons, and are equipped with contact elements.
    The emergency stop mushroom pushbutton complies with the EN 418 standard and is equipped with positive opening nc switches.

    Each Pendant Station is provided with a new generation EN418 emergency stop button for incorporating a snap action actuation that prevents halting the machinery before mushroom heard is in the locked position.
    Contacts' type is "positive opening"

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    Dimension of COB Push-Buttons

    P03 Pendant Station control P03 Pendant StationPushbutton
    P03 Pushbutton
    P03 Pendant Station Pushbutton
    P03 Pushbutton
    P03 Pushbutton
    For more specification details, pls check the PDF file as below: Pendant Stations.pdf
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