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Electrical meter boxes, Transparent meter boxes

Types of Electrical Meter Box:

An electrical meter box for the outdoor installation of a kilowatt hour meter is constructed with a housing having a portion of domelike configuration with an open bottom, a mounting ring over which the housing portion closely fits for stability, and an upstanding meter-receiving panel rigidly carried by the mounting ring. A pullbox section may be provided as part of the meter box, as also may a lamp post portion rising upwardly from the domelike portion and adapted to carry a luminaire for outdoor lighting. The panel is provided with bus bar mountings for electrical and meter-plug-in connections. The housing is preferably hingedly attached to the mounting ring for free-swinging covering and uncovering movement relative to the meter-mounting panel.

Transparent Meter Boxs

Transparent Meter Box is forWatt-hour Meter, made of Polycarbonate and ABS resin chips.

- Single Phase Hings Type Transparent Meter Box
- Three Phase Self Locking Electrical Meter Box
- Single Phase Press Fit Type Meter Box With Integral Seal
- Single Phase Lock Type Meter Box
- Single Phase Push Fit Type Meter Box etc, etc..
transparent meter box transparent meter box  Single Phase Lock Type Meter Box transparent meter box transparent meter boxs electrical meter box  meter box
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