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PDU sockets


(general the PDU are viewed as RPDU:RACK- POWER DISTRIBUTION UNIT)

As the manufacturer/exporter of low & medicum voltage electric equipment, we have developed the new series of PDU sockets and socket modulars, which is one of power distribution products for the usage of distribution unit, power protection, electrical distribution systems, power distribution box,power distribution unit,power distribution solutions.
We have the strong mould design and production ability to support the material of the our Industrial plugs & sockets, Power Distribution Unit Sockets--PDF Sockets,and other kinds series,like:Desk Sockets, Floor Sockets/Ground Sockets,Ceiling Sockets.

Defination of PDU Sockets

Large industrial units are used for taking high voltage and amperage and reducing it to more common and useful levels, for example from 220V 30A single phase to multiple 110V 15A or 110V 20A plugs. They are used incomputer data centers, stage shows, by DJs, and in other electrically intensive applications. Some have features like remote monitoring or control down to the individual plug.
A 240 volt circuit (120 volts x2 plus neutral and ground) has two legs at 120 volts. A distro switches and provides circuit protection for the taps off of the phases/legs. A PDU allows for a solidly bonded neutral, and a safe grounding system.
PDU also refers to what amounts to a well- constructed power strip suitable for datacenter use. Two basic varieties distinguished by the type of input power are common: single-phase and three-phase. The output power (i.e. the power to the load device) is always single-phase, however. In the case of a three-phase PDU, each of the three phases appears individually on every third receptacle. PDUs can be dumb -- meaning that they have no instrumentation and are not manageable, or they can be metered -- meaning that they are equipped with a display that shows current load on each phase, or they can be switched -- meaning that some or all of their receptacles can be individually switched on or off remotely.
One of the challenges in selecting PDUs for a datacenter application is to balance the relatively high cost of a switched PDU versus the relatively low cost of a dumb PDU, but then managing the risk that the phases may become unbalanced, or devices may be unexpectedly plugged in, possibly tripping a circuit breaker.

Specifications of PDU Sockets made by Ningbo-Electric-Pneumatic

(1) Types for Different Countries:France Type PDU, UK Type PDU, Italy Type PDU, US Type PUD Socket, IEC Type PDU sockets, Omnipotence Type, National Standard Type PDU socket...
(2) Installation Direction: vertical 19" mountable units / horizontal 19" mountable power distribution units;
(3) ll functional modules are adopted PC/ABS alloy ,hot change temperature reach to above 120 degree ,fire-retardant haracteristic accords with UL94-V0 standard.
(4) Certifications for our PDU Sockets Supplier : GS,CE,UL,3C;

Input plug and output sockets of PDU sockets, Power Distribution Unit sockets.

PDU socket input PDU socket plug PDU socket output PDU socket socket
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