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Power Pole Connectors,Multipole Battery Connector

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50 amp 2-poles Power Connectors

50 amp 2 poles Power Connectors connectors

SB 50 amp connector (gray, red, black). 50 amps maximum, for #6 gauge stranded wire. Housing and 2 contacts supplied. 1-7/8" overall length. Available in Gray, Red, and Black. Gray will be provided if no preference is given. Each color will mate ONLY with the same color. Also available for #10/12 AWG wire. 50 Amp Power Pole Connectors:1 Housing+2 Contacts one color mates with the same color only. It is: 50 amp rating, 600 Volts continuous AC or DC operation. UL listed.Made in China,manufacturer of Ningbo Electric Pneumatic.

SB 175 amp. Multipole Power Connectors

SB 175 amp. Multipole Power Connectors,Battery Connectors

We have many ohter available types: XB2 (LAY5)series of pushbutton switches,XB4(lA158-4)series of pushbutton switches,XB5,lA158-5 series of pushbutton switches,lA158-4 series of pushbutton switches-XB7.

350 amp. Multipole SB Power Connectors

350 amp. Multipole SB Power poles Connector

SB 350, 350 amp connector (gray, red, black) 350 amps maximum, for 2/0 gauge stranded wire. Housing and 2 contacts supplied. 4-1/4" overall length. Also available for wire sizes 3/0, 4/0, and 300 MCM.

APP Multi-pole Power Battery Connectors

The replaceable contacts enable easy field service. It ensures greater ability of conductivity, leting the power to conduct or transmit heat, electricity sucessfully. 50 amp for small connections (or sub arrays of large systems) and small power and battery connections. 175 and 350 amp units for larger batteries and large arrays,inverter connections. Rated for AC and DC, up to 600 volts. The 50 amp units are often used for solar panel array and subarray connections for ease of testing, assembly, and maintenance,especially in commercial and industrial applications. 50 amp units for solar panel array and subarray connections fortesting, assembly, and maintenance. The 175 and 350 amp connectors are often used in battery and/or inverter connection systems. We use these on most of our larger systems, and nearly all industrial and commercial systems. 350 amp SB connectors. yellow for usage of 12 volts, red for 24 volts, and blue for 48 volts. Contacts are soldered or crimped.

SB 350, 350 amp connector (gray, red, black) 350 amps maximum, for 2/0 gauge stranded wire. Housing and 2 contacts supplied. 4-1/4" overall length. It effectively compresses the contact barrel tightly around the cable strands so that all of them are pressed tightly against each other and the inside wall of the contact barrel, doing this requires that the stripped cable be inserted all the way into the barrel of the contact, and that the contact point is centered in the crimping tool.

Rated voltage: 600V for SB 50amp,175 amp,350 amp. batter connectors.

Our charging plug connector is for a variety of electric motorcar and other electrical devices to support safety and guarantee.

Fork handle of SB power pole connectors

Fork handle of SB power pole connectors

Material number of Anderson (APP), AMP/Tyco connectors

APP SB50 CONNECTOR 6319,6319G1,6331G1,6331G2,6331G3


APP SB175 CONNECTOR 6325G1,6326G1,6327G1,6328G1,6329G1,6325G5,6326G5,6327G5,6328G5,6329G5,6325G6,6326G6,6327G6

SB350 CONNECTOR 6320G1,6320G2,6320G4,6320G5,6321G1,6321G2,6321G4,6321G5,6322G1,6322G2,6322G4,6322G5,6323G1

AMP POWER Series 50 Conectors(2-pole battery 647845-3,647845-4,647845-5,647845-7,647845-8,647877-1,647879-1,1604433-1,1604433-2,647754-1,647755-1,647756-1,647892-3,647893-3,647892-4,647893-4,647892-5,647893-5,647892-7,647893-7,647892-8,647893-8

AMP POWER Series 120 Conectors(2-pole battery 1445994-1,1445994-2,1445995-1,1445996-1,1445997-1,1445998-1,1445998-2,1445999-1,1445999-2,1446000-1,1446000-2

AMP POWER Series 175 Conectors(2-pole battery) 1604037-1,1604037-2,1604037-3,1604037-4,1604037-5,1604037-6,1604044-1,1604044-2,1604044-3,1604044-4,1604044-5,1604044-6,1604043-1,1604043-2,1604043-3,1604043-4,1604043-5,1604043-6,1604045-1,1604045-2,1604045-3,1604045-4,0604045-5,1604045-6,1604042-1,1604042-2,1604042-3,1604042-4,1604042-5,1604042-6,1604040-1,1604039-1,1604041-1,1604038-1; AMP POWER Series 350 Conectors(2-pole battery) 1604050-1,1604050-2,1604050-3,1604050-4,1604050-5,1604050-6,1604060-1,1604060-2,1604060-3,1604060-4,1604060-5,1604060-6,1604059-1,1604059-2,1604059-3,1604059-4,1604059-5,1604059-6,1604058-1,1604058-2,1604058-3,1604058-4,1604058-5,1604058-6,1604057-1,1604057-2,1604057-3,1604057-4,1604057-5,1604057-6,1604056-1,1604056-2,1604056-3,1604056-4,1604056-5,1604056-6,1604055-1,1604054-1,1604053-1,1604052-1,1604050-1
Power Products originated the SB (Storage Battery) connector design to provide high power handling and durability. The SB 2-pole connector is available in 50, 120, 175, and 350 amp ratings per pole for use to 600 volts continuous AC or DC operation. The SB housing is molded out of rugged UL94VO rated polycarbonate and, in conjunction with APP's flat wiping contacts, offers up to 10,000 mating cycles. The hermaphroditic design of these connectors allows SB connectors to be mated to each other, which simplifies the bills of material. Contacts are available individually for a wide range of wires. Mechanical keys prevents two different voltage coded color housings from mating - eliminates possibility of mismatching power supplies and electrical outlets.

SB housings and contacts may also be purchased separately. This only shows our most popular items that are commonly used in solar electric systems.

  • We can order ANY connector type or parts.
  • There is NO Male or Female connector, any connector will mate with any other connector of the same amp rating and color. You will need one connector set for EACH end.
  • For more information on the care, feeding, and general use of SB and PP connectors, Pls contact us:

    China Ningbo Electric Pneumatic: our Storage Battery power pole connectors,multi 2-pole battery connectors are for high amperage connections,also as a high power interconnects and accessory. Usage: Railway or Mining Industries,Telecom connetor,Datacom connectors,Back-up Power, and Material Handling Industries,modular systems. SB (Storage Battery) connector design to provide high power handling and durability. SB Connectors are with several different amps: - 50 amp, 175 amp, and 350 amp. Different colors mean different usage. Currently, the red and grey colors are available.It is suitable for AC or DC up to 600 volts. other sides are identical,hermaphroditic,neither male,nor female. It is by us-China manufacturer of battery connector,multipole power connector.

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