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COBP Crane Traffic Control buttons,CRANE CONTROL PUSHBUTTON

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Our Pendant Stations are hand held control devices that allow tasks such as machine setup, troubleshooting and maintenance to be performed at the point of operation. Their durable, lightweight, ergonomic design provide for years of service even in harsh environments such as E-Stops, Enabling Switches, Handwheels, Selector Switches, Push Buttons provide a high level of safety and versatility. Custom configurations and logos are also available to meet all of your Pendant Station needs.

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The usage of industrial control pendants is common, however it has a significant disadvantage in that the operator must divert his/her attention away from the movement of the machine during programming in order to locate the appropriate pushbutton to move the robot. The use of a joystick provides a solution to this problem as the movement of the stick in a certain direction propels the robot or machine in that direction. This option is available on more advanced industrial control pendant types.

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Industrial control pendants are sophisticated, handheld terminals that are used to control robot or machine movements from point to point, within a determined space. They consist of a hanging control console furnished with joysticks, push-buttons or rotary cam switches. A type of industrial control pendant, teach pendants are the most popular robotics teaching method, and are used widely with all types of robots, in many industries. As the robot moves within this determined space, the various points are recorded into its memory banks, and can be located later on through subsequent playback. There are a number of teach pendant types available, depending on the type of application for which they will be used. If the goal is simply to monitor and control a robotics unit, then a simple control box style is suitable. If additional capabilities, such as on the fly programming are required, more sophisticated boxes should be used.

Industrial control pendants are equipped with switches, dials, and pushbuttons through which data is relayed to the robotics unit, and additional monitoring systems if necessary. The relationship between industrial control pendants and their subservient unit is generally established via an interconnected cabling system. However, more advanced wireless devices are available.

During use, the operator actuates the switches on manual pendants in a specific order. This in turn causes the robot, end effector, or machine, to move to and from the desired points. As the end effector reaches the desired point, the operator uses the record push-button to enter the location into the robot, or robot controllerís memory banks. This is the most common programming method for playback robots.

push-button pendant stations are ergonomically designed for single hand operation featuring minimal-force push-buttons to significantly minimize operator fatigue while maximizing control. Push-button pendants are used in conjunction with conductor bar, festoon systems or reels as "point-of-control"- control point stations for overhead cranes, hoists, and conveyors and numerous other machinery that require operator control.

China Manufacturer of COBP Crane Traffic Control buttons,CRANE CONTROL PUSHBUTTON, Position Spring Return Selector Switch. AC. 50 or 60HZ, rated voltage to 500V, rated current up to 5A as controlling start and stop of remote and widely used in wharf, machine tools, textile machineries, etc. Other specifications: 10 lines, 8 lines, 6 lines, 4lines, 2 lines

Our products comply with GB/T14048.5 and IEC60947-5-1,all products were get CE,CCC certification and parts of international electrical equipment conformity certification.

The pushbutton series was used in control circuit of AC50HZ to 60HZ,voltage to 660V. It is used for controlling signal and interlocking.The main body adoptic,the contact adopts special silveralloy, so it has strong anti-electrical erosion property,the signal lamp series suitable for electrical appliance circuit of ACvoltage 380V,50HZ to 60HZ,DC voltage up to 380V below , it is used as kindsof lights indication signal, warning signal,accident signal and other signals.

Work environ ment

1.Environment temperature:-25°C ~+55 °C

2.Air relative humidity : ≤85%

3Normal work when the vibration frequency is 2-80HZ, the acceleration is 0.79;

4.Pollution grade is 3,installation sort is Ⅲ, protection grade is above IP655.Altitude : ≤2000m

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