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JLSZ-6,10,35W Outdoor dry-type combined transformer

JLSZ-6,10,35W Outdoor dry-type combined transformer Main functions of JLSZ?-6?10?35W Outdoor dry-type combined transformer
1. Rated Voltage: 36kV?310kV?335kV
2.Rated Ratio: Rated Ratio-voltage: 6000/100V, 10000/100V, 35000/100V
Rated Ratio-current: 1-1000/5A, single ratio or double ratio
Primary wiring of double measuring tank: P1,P2 are heavy
current ratio while P1, P3 are light current ratio.
3. Rated Volume: PT components have 15?25?50VA three types, CT components have 0?25?30VA three types
4. Accurate Grade: 0.5?0.2?0.5S?0.2S

Wiring diagram

JLSZ-6,10,35W Outdoor dry-type combined transformer
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