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TSD servo-type AC automatic voltage regulator, AVR is designed base on SVC AC automatic voltage regulator and provided with following special characteristics

1.Double stable voltage output(220Vor110V), village indicating of input and output, continuous stable power supply;

2.Double over current and voltage protection, sound and flash warning, autorotation controller, two states of regulation and direct connect not exhaust power energy while input being stable;

3.Superting and superminiature, beautiful out shape, convenient hooking on wall or installing.

Every electronic circuit is designed to operate off of some supply voltage, which is usually assumed to be constant. A voltage regulator provides this constant DC outputvoltage and contains circuitry that continuously holds the output voltage at the design value regardless of changes in load current or input voltage (this assumes that the load current and input voltage are within the specified operating range forthepart).

Theregulated power source adopts the power regulation technology of sine energy distribution formula, which is advanced in AC stabilizing technology. Its circuit is composed of sine energy distributor and large power wave filter by paralleling. It has the advantages as high accuracy of stabilization, strong overload capacity, high efficiency, successively working for long period and long service time, etc. Some types of functions of voltage regulator,AVR: voltage stabilizer and magnetic saturating voltage stabilizer, and also it can provide a quiet and reliable working environment.


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