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SB 350 amp. power pole connectors,battery connectors

SB 350 amp 2-poles Power Connectors

APP storage battery (SB): 350 amp. power pole connectors

Its usage:for electric flighthigh power interconnect, the 1-pole,2-pole,3-pole connectors with house and multi-pole contacts,enclosures, connector assemblies, modular plugs, jacks, solderless terminals.

  • high current capacity, compatability with higher and lower current rated PowerPole connectors;
  • with auxilliary contacts, there is no male or female contacts;
  • steel material and plated with silver(silver is a better conductor of electricity);
  • PCB Series, SB, SBE, SBO,Power Pak, Bus Bar, SBS, and SBX types;
  • The Powerpole family including pins and socket connectors series,available in different amp.;ratings for use through 600 Volts
  • continuous AC or DC operation and wire sizes, from #20 (.5mm) to 1/0 AWG (53.5mm);
  • to copper bus, while offering a quick disconnect design that minimizes the expense of system assembly, replacement, or repair;
  • mechanical keys to ensure connectors will only mate with connectors of the same color, different colors housings to identify various voltages to prevent the mismatching of the power supply system, ergonomic housings and auxiliary contacts;
  • Back Up Power Systems, Electrical Recreational Vehicles, UPS Systems, Telecommunications and High-Technology Devices;
  • Different color housings are selected to identify voltages, thus preventing mismatching of the power supply system;
  • single-piece housing and united construction provides industrial quality and durability.
  • Color available:Grey,red.

    What is more? News about APP,Anderson Power Connectors,Powerpole battery Connectors:APP's multipole line, including the SBS, SB, SBE, SBO and SBX connectors, 2 and 3 pole connectors from 50 to 700 amps for use to 150 / 600 Volts continuous AC or DC operation and the size of wires:from #16 (1.3 mm2) up to 300 mcm 152.0 mm2,6 guage,8 guage,10guages.

    Specifications of SB 350 A power-pole connectors

  • Model: SB 350 Power pole connector
  • Unit Package: 1 unit/1 white paper box. (1 unit= 1 house + 2 connectors)
  • Number in Carton: 50 units/carton
  • Carton Size: 38.5x24.5x20 cm
  • G.W: 12kg; N.W: 13.1kg.
  • The 350 amp power electircal connectors

    SB (Storage Battery) connector design to provide high power handling and durability. It is available in 50, 120, 175, and 350 amp ratings per pole for use to 600 volts continuous AC or DC operation. The SB housing is molded out of rugged UL94VO rated polycarbonate and, in conjunction with APP's flat wiping contacts, offers up to 10,000 mating cycles.

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