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Chain Blocks, Lever Blocks

HSZ Chain Blocks

HSZ Chain Blocks HSZ Chain Block

HSZ type chain block is a manual hoisting machinary, used in factory,mine,agriculture,electricity, construction site,dock and storage industries. Also, HSZ chain block can be used in installing of machines,lifting equipments in open air and the place without power supply.

HS-VT series chain blocks

HS-VT series Chain Block HS-VT series Chain Block
HS-VT series chain blocks have several characteristics to make them have high ability and securities:

(1) Gear: innovated symmetrical arrayed highspeed synchronous gears, and are made from international standard gear steel. Compared with common gears, they are more ewarable and steadier, and laborsaving.
(2) Chain: high strong chain and high precision welding technology, meet ISO3077-1984 international standard; fits for gusty overload work conditions; takes your hands a better feeling;multi-angle operation (with 45o)
(3) Hook: made of high class alloy steel, high strength and high security.
(4) Limit switch: using limit switch components in designation to protect chain.
(5) Components: made of high quality alloy steel. (6) Plastic plating: by adopting advanced plastic plating technology inside and outsied, it looks new even after many years used.

HSZ-C Chain Block Hoist

HSZ-C Chain Block Hoist HSZ-C Chain Block Hoist
HSZ-C series Chain Blocks is updated and improved Version on HSZ series Chain Blocks, but is with less hand-pull force, with higher safety, nice appearance.

HSH Lever Block

HSH Lever Block HSH Lever Block
HSH series Lever Hoist is a portable and versatile hand-operation loading and pulling appliance, capable of applying in electricity, mine, ship-building, construction sites, transports and telecommunication for installation of equipment,lifting goods,assembling and welding,etc.
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